My Java IFS Fractal Generator

This is my IFS fractal generator. It is a simple single class java applet, and is only 3 kilobytes. I have written it in such a way that it can easily be extended to do other IFS fractals, other than the default Sierpinski Triangular Gasket. It does this through <param> tags passed to the applet. As an example of the extensibility, I have included a number of extra fractals which use non-default IFS rules.

The IFS rules are defined through <param> tags as well and have the same format as those in fractint .IFS files.

For those who wish to include this applet on their own pages, here is a summary of the parameters that can be passed to the applet:

The number of IFS rules.
Defines of IFS rule n.
Defines top bound of window.
Defines bottom bound of window.
Defines left bound of window.
Defines right bound of window.
Defines the number of dots to draw. This is also the number of iterations.
fgcolor, fgcolour
Defines the foreground colour. It's value is of the same format of colour definitions in html.
bgcolor, bgcolour
Defines the background colour. These tags can be used to make the applet's colour scheme fit in with the page.

I don't mind this applet being used on other people's pages provided that credit is given to me, and preferably a mail link to me at <>, and it would be nice if you tell me.