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This page contains information about WWW-SQL, which is a program written by me (James Henstridge). It is used to display information from MySQL or PostgreSQL databases in web pages. It does this with a simple embeded scripting language. The commands are embedded in special HTML tags, so it should be passible to edit the document with an HTML editor. The tags are evaluated when the page is loaded, so the resultant page will be HTML compliant (assuming the original was mostly compliant).

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for discussion of www-sql. You can subscribe at the lists web page at

Current Version

The current version is 0.5.7. It doesn't add any new features if you don't use the new scanner. If you have been testing it, you will find support for while loops. Here is the relevant section of the Changelog:

www-sql-0.5.7:  17-November-1998
        - Fixed a small inconsistency between the new and old scanners, so
          that the new one recognises <!SQL as well as <!sql.
        - Made the new scanner the default for compiles.  You can use the old
          input scanner with the --without-new-scanner argument to configure.
        - Added a sentance to the ftime function documentation to clarify that
          the offset is given in seconds.
        - Now AFFECTED_ROWS and INSERT_ID are set for failed queries (to 0 and
          -1 respectively).
        - Added the uinclude command.  It is identical to the include command,
          except that it is executed unconditionally (even if shielded by an
          if statement).  This may be more useful to some people.

You can also review the complete Changelog.


At the moment, the only documentation is the manual distributed with the source. An online version exist on this web site.

The Source

The source can be obtained from a number of sites:

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